“Shopper” or “Super Shopper”?

“Shoppers” join for an annual fee of $39.95, which includes: your administrative back office, your personal replicated website, and your hosting fees. This is simply the cost of running the business for your personal My Harvest America. The monthly payment for “Shoppers,” which includes the subscription to the online grocery store delivery service and your monthly newsletter is $29.95.
Therefore, your FIRST payment will be $39.95 PLUS $29.95 equaling $69.90. Thereafter, it is only $29.95 a month.

“Super Shoppers” also join for an annual fee of $39.95, which includes your administrative back office, personal replicated website, and your hosting fees. Again, this covers the business side of things. The monthly payment for “Super Shoppers” includes the subscription to the online grocery store delivery service, a benefits package which gives you access to discounts at over 250,000 retailers across America, and a monthly newsletter for $79.90. Therefore, your FIRST payment will be $39.95 PLUS $79.90 equaling $119.85. Each month thereafter it is only $79.90.

Where can you pay $39.95 a year to own a successful business?

The difference between the “shoppers” and the “super shoppers” is the monthly cost, and also you could earn much more money by being a “super shopper”. Your major income could come from the matching bonuses.
“Shoppers” only get to shop in the grocery store, but “super shoppers” get to shop in the grocery store AND have access to discounts to over 250,000 retailers.

Your “back office” and “replicated website” are: when you join, you will choose a name for your website. Your website will read myharvestamerica.com/user name.
You will receive your own personal website that looks just like the company website. Your “back office” will be a place you can sign into where you will grocery shop, where you will be able to see your genealogy and see your business grow, where you can track your income, and where you will see a list of those 250,000 stores you receive discounts at. When you send interested people to YOUR replicated website, they will be able to sign up on YOUR website and be YOUR personally sponsored person.

So, before you join, know whether you want to be a “shopper” or a “super shopper”.

Lisa Pearce




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My Harvest America Savings

A new company just opened Dec 2009 and is going to change the face of Network Marketing. This has the potential to be the next Amazon! The company is My Harvest America!

My Harvest America is bringing great value to families across America. Everyone buys food and everyone wants to save money buying there groceries. Now YOU can make money helping others save. With My Harvest America you can now buy your groceries at Warehouse prices without having to buy bulk items. You can save 30-60% off the prices you are paying at your local store. My Harvest America has over 15,000 items, everything from groceries to laundry soap.

Here is just a sample of some of the savings with My Harvest America

My Harvest America vs Walmart

Tide 2x concentrated ——-$10.39 —- $14.18
64 loads

Old El paso Refried Beans –$0.65 ——-$1.00

Campells cream of
Chicken soup ——————-$1.03——– $1.44

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese —-$0.39——– $0.74

Del Monte Corn —————–$0.57 ——-$0.98

Jiff Peanut Butter————– $0.69 ——-$2.68

Tresemme Shampoo ———-$3.05 ——-$3.95

Generic Apple Jacks———– $0.65 ——-$1.98

Pampers size 1
40 count—————————- $7.79——- $9.97

Stove Top Stuffing —————$1.08——- $1.92

Folgers Columbian
Coffee 27.8oz ———————–$5.99——- $8.56

Total ———————————$32.28 ——$47.40

On 11 items your savings would have been $15.12

I know your family buys more then 11 items in a month, so just imagine how much you could save in a month.

Order as many times a month you want shipped to your door, FREE!

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How To Save 30-50% Off Groceries

Watch this Video on How to Save 30-50% off Your Groceries!

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“Economy Proof” Home-Based Business

A true “economy proof” home-based business and a marketer’s dream…helping people save money on their GROCERIES!!!
Join the fastest growing team in My Harvest America –

The OFFICIAL #1 Top Team has had over 650 new members in just 30 days! We also have our own Team Online Marketing System that you can tap into to build your business.Don’t just join ANY Team…..Join the Team with PROVEN SUCCESS!

Never Seen Before…The Most Exciting Program in Years for Both Customers and Networkers! Would you do your grocery shopping online if you could buy at 30% to 70% discount and have it shipped FedEx to your door for Free?

The #1 TOP TEAM in MY HARVEST AMERICAis looking for Top Leaders to join our Team!

Over 850 peoplehave already joined our Team!


Don’t miss this opportunity to team up with some of themost experienced network marketers!

***We even have our own Team Training / Social Network that provides a community for our Team! Our Team Social Network is also a training and support site!

As our Team grows, so will your income!

Contact us NOW to join our Team!

Contact Lisa Pearce 573-280-1198

My Harvest America Conference Calls

Tuesday and Thursday

712-432-0075 PIN 211341#

9:00pm EST
8:00pm CST
7:00pm MST
6:00pm PST
4:00pm Hawaii

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